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“ KRISHNAS ENTERPRISES” is into sales of Inverters for the  last nine years at Ayoor in  Kollam district.

On the purchase of a new inverter, we do not charge the client any installation charges as we do it free of cost. Also with new inverters connection we offer free inverter trolley or provide cash discount which is one of our specialities.

We provide C-10 rated battery with 5 years warranty along with the inverter. Inverter connection can be converted into solar connection by us, as per the client’s requirement.

Solar Panel work is done according to the parties requirement and the panel  has a warranty of 5 years.

We also deal with the sales of batteries of branded companies like, Exide, Amara Raja (Amaron and Powerzone) used in vehicles, at a discounted rate. We also have wholesale distribution of these branded products.

Cashew factory Junction, M C Road, Ayoor, Kollam
9961993904, 7510469934.
[email protected]
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