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We design and manufacture solar mosquito destroyer called Hawker.
Man has constantly strived hard to find a solution for the most mortal and contagious diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue fever etc. Most often we are becoming victims to this communicable diseases mainly caused by Mosquitoes. Doctors say ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ . But do we have that weapon which is not injurious to human health. Most of the Mosquito destroyers like Mosquito repellents and mosquito coils available in the market are injurious to human health. Because most of the mosquito destroyers contain Allethrin which is a neuro toxic poison.
Ours is an enterprise whose ultimate goal is to maximize human welfare through innovative products and technology. . We clearly forsee a future in which Hawker solar Mosquito Destroyer is building bridges between health-care problems and solutions.
KINE Technologies
Kanjirappally,Kottayam Dist.Kerala
9446971108,9446 756481
[email protected]
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