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Oxygen Concentrate/Purifier is a technological marvel. This superlative quality imported device used patented US technology, Oxy Easy. The development work on this product was carried out by senior research officers who harnessed sophisticated contemporary technologies pertaining to production and PSA oxygen domains. Consumer health considerations were factored in and after a refinement through 7 step methodology, perfection was accomplished. Oxygen Concentrate/Purifier amalgamates safety, health and convenience and enhances beauty and salubriousness of users.

Underlying scheme of the product

  • Ambient air enters the product and moves through coarse and fine filters and is subjected to fine filtering using a muffler
  • Pure air moves to the oil-free compressor for compression
  • Ammonia of air is separated from the oxygen using ceramic separation valve within patented molecular tower
  • The molecular tower is embedded with 2 layer of deep filtering using membrane microfiltration
  • The outputted oxygen’s pressure is stabilized with the aid of pressure equalizing valve
  • The pure oxygen is then passed through 6 oxygen regulators and subsequently to a bacterial filter that ensures that the pure oxygen is good for health and is free of bacteria or other microbes
  • When passing through flow meter and then wet cup, the pure oxygen is wetted.
  • Oxygen tube is the medium through which people inhale this pure oxygen
Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Calicut.
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