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Save the nature, by using u/tek steel window and door frames

Advantage of U-Tek Steel Window and door frames

U-TEK steel frames are the most modern window and door frames of their kind. Install then in your beautiful home/building to enhance its gracefulness and enjoy many benefits and advantages of STEEL.


  •  Unbelievably strong and durable, last for years and years.
  •  A dependable safeguard against burglars.
  •  Reliable fire and weather resistant settings.
  •  Not easily damaged.
  •  Economical in cost.
  •  Light weight ensuring ease of installation.
  •  Makes your home/building elegant, attractive and appealing.

Attractive and Elegant

U-tek is a great choice to accentuate each and every window/doorframe of your lovely home and building with a charming design.

To Preserve Nature… to Adopt an eco Friendly Life style.

An architecturally designed window of your dear home/building is a sight to behold making your neighbours envious. So, choose U-TEK steel Window door frames today.

Poovathodu, Bharananganam, Pala Kottayam.
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